Diwali 2012

Mark your calendars! Diwali 2012 is almost here!

Join us for an authentic taste of Indian cuisine. Below you can find a preview of this year’s menu.

First Course

Pappadam with Gajar Raita

Traditional Indian crackers with house cultured carrot-walnut yogurt

Crispy Vegetable Pakora

Savory battered vegetables with assorted dipping chutneys


Second Course

Lamb Vindaloo

Colorado lamb braised in a fragrant garlic & chili sauce

Malai Kofta

Vegetable fritters in a rich tomato & cashew sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala

Spice-marinated chicken braised in a rich & complex tomato curry

Denji Kari

Jumbo lump crab in a light coconut & squash curry 

~ Accompaniments ~

Basmati rice pilaf, channa masala, Kerala-style cauliflower, dal,

cucumber raita, and grilled garlic naan


Third Course


A very rich rosewater-scented rice pudding with raisins and cashews