Guest Post: Off-Season at the Brotherhood

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In this post, Amy Deveau and her friend Ratty visited the island the day after Thanksgiving and ended up at the Brotherhood for the first time after discovering many other restaurants to be closed.  They had a great time enjoying the slower vibe that is the off-season at the Brotherhood: same delicious food and fantastic live music in a more intimate setting.  Read more in her words…

November 26th, 2010 Picture
By Amy Deveau

Ratty and I decided to walk around and see what places were open for dinner.  We assumed that most of the restaurants right in town would be packed with people attending the lighting, so we wandered down to the wharfs to see what might be open during the off season.

And absolutely nothing was open.  All our haunts from the summer were boarded up with signs saying ‘See You Next Season!’  It was like a literal ghost town, with no other souls in sight.

There weren’t even any boats docked!  The absolute complete opposite of when we were there in July.  And you know what, I didn’t totally hate it.  It was a different, much calmer vibe, very relaxing, as oppose to the crazy busy hustle and bustle of the summer.  Both have their pluses and minuses, but I have to say I like all seasons on Nantucket.  It’s hard not to love everything about it, deserted or not.
We decided to grab a drink and dinner at a little tavern called The Brotherhood of Thieves, which I’d never been to before.  The tavern part is in the basement of the restaurant, and it’s dark and cozy, with dark wooden benches, exposed brick walls, and a wood burning stove.  I have no idea why I’d never even see this place before, because it quickly became one of my favorite spots on the island.

It was pretty busy when we grabbed a drink at the bar, but by the time we were ready to sit down for dinner, the crowd had thinned out.  It was a Friday night around 10pm and we were probably one of 6 people still left in the bar.  Again, a far cry from our trip in July.



For dinner I opted for the Lobster Tacos, which were really an appetizer, but I’m not really a rule follower anyway.  They were teeny and yummy, filled with fresh lobster meat, salsa, guacamole and a spicy cream.  I could have eaten 2 more orders of them, but obviously I restrained myself.

For dessert we split the bread pudding, which didn’t live up to the butterscotch bread pudding from Eastern Standard – the bread pudding that I hold all other bread puddings to.  It would have been really yummy if it wasn’t filled with apples.  I don’t like big chunks of apple, only paper thin slices, like communion.  Which is exactly what I used to say to my mom when I was little, ‘Mom, can you cut my apples really thin, like communion?’  Where did I come up with these things?!

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the bread pudding, Ratty sure liked it!

Like I mentioned, we were pretty much the only people in the bar, besides another small table and the piano player.  He came in as we were finishing dinner and absolutely blew our socks off.  He would ask us to suggest songs, and he would just start playing them, learning as he went.  He knew the words to almost every single song we requested, and for the ones he didn’t, he made me and Ratty sing them.  It was pretty awesome, it was like our own private concert.

{A shot of a very empty, yet still very awesome bar.}


After he finished his 1 hour set, we started chatting and we swapped email addresses.  He knew we loved Nantucket, and told us to contact him if we were ever looking to rent a house or apartment for a week, he had lots of connections on the island.


After doing a quick Google search, thinking he was a realtor, I found out he’s actually a Grammy winning composer from LA!  He wrote scores for movies, commercials and TV shows, eventually giving up the LA life and moving to Nantucket.  Isn’t that insane?!  No wonder he could pick up and play any song we requested, hi he’s an Emmy AND Grammy winner!

We wrapped up at Brotherhood and called it a night, it was only our first day on Nantucket and we had lots more to see and do, so we needed our rest!

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Amy absolutely loves spending time on Nantucket and does so as often as her bank account allows.  In addition to ACK and Brotherhood, Amy loves a good latte, reading, photography, champagne, witty banter, traveling and swinging cocktail parties.
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